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No, there is no limit to the number of templates that can be processed with the ScannerVision Office application. However, only one form of capture can be used per template.
No, to activate any additional modules, connectors and clients, simply reactivate your main license serial for which the addition was linked to during the purchase. (Only applicable from ScannerVision Processing Engine V3.1….)
In the bottom right hand corner of the Processing Engine, click on simple view or advanced view to toggle between the 2 display options.
To identify the version of ScannerVision, click on the 'Help' reference in the Processing Engine menu located above the server commands area as other common tasks such as start and stop server, then click on 'About' ScannerVision.
Please make sure that you are connected the same way as when licensed. For example via wireless or network cable.
All that is required from NDS is that your SAP contract be current.
Yes, ScannerVision will still be in fully operational regardless of the version that has been released after that. However, NDS will only provide technical support to the latest released versions.
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