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ScannerVision® supports 4 methods of document capturing: HOT FOLDER Hot Folder capture allows images which have been scanned to a Windows folder to be processed through an ScannerVision® process. FTP SERVER FTP Server capture allows imag...
That will be possible, you can set it in the OUTPUT FORMAT SETTINGS, there you select at FILE FORMAT : TIFF, just below BITS PER PIXEL : 1
Meta data questions can be configured to ask a scan/index user very specific questions related to the document to be scanned and indexed. The returned values are then referred to as meta data. Meta data can be used for dynamic folder navigation/creation, ...
When capturing with ScannerVision®, only image formats are supported. One can capture in the following formats; PDF, TIFF, JPEG.
This could be because of one of the following reasons; * Your Processing Engine is not running * Your client is not configured correctly in the Processing Engine
ScannerVision's Desktop Client is limited in terms of the size of document. Current version is not able to handle large color jobs. This functionality will be included in next Desktop Client releases ( Starting with ScannerVision V7 )
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