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Here is the resolution for the double extension .pdf.pdf. After ORIGINALFILENAME you add the following ('.',1) This stand for the original filename and delete what is after the point.
No. Aivika cannot OCR handwritten text. ScannerVision can however read selected handwritten zones with the ICR module and the zone values can be used as metadata.
No, this is not possible. You can split your document using the page count or a barcoded separator sheet.
No, both colour and black and white images can be compressed with ABC compression.
In image processing, select "Delete Empty Pages", the select 100% and select "Noise on the page"
ScannerVision® allows users to configure their notification settings of each template. The Notification Settings option can be configured to notify email accounts of activities within the ScannerVision® template. Users or groups of users can be notified t...
Do get color PDF documents you need to, Change the Bits per pixel to 24 in your OUTPUT FORMAT SETTING.
No, the ABC compression is part of the Boost client and will automatically reduce the size of your files.
ScannerVision includes a decompression tool that can be found in the bottom left hand corner of the application. Use this tool to decompress images that were compressed with the ABC compression module.
In Output Format Settings, select the required format and click APPLY settings in the toolbar to save your change.
ICR is used to capture handwritten information to be used as metadata values.
In order for your text to be searchable in any processed document, the OCR processing module must be enabled.
This is a limitation with the lead tools. It can only delete blank pages on 1bit black & white documents.
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