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No, to activate any additional modules, connectors and clients, simply reactivate your main license serial for which the addition was linked to during the purchase. (Only applicable from ScannerVision Processing Engine V3.1….)
Is it possible to add a new line into ScannerVision regular expression interface just adding next at the end of the line: [#13] You can also add this symbol automatically just using the keyboard shortcut CTRL+ENTER
If you get the following error "API-MS-CRT-CANVERT-L1-1-0.DLL IS MISSING FROM YOUR COMPUTER" after installing, you will need to restart the PC/SERVER before executing ScannerVision.
No. Browse picklist type is ONLY available for embedded clients, ScannerVision desktop is not supporting this kind of picklist. You can alternatively list a specific folder using a script but it's not possible to navigate inside the folders as you can ...
Meta data questions can be configured to ask a scan/index user very specific questions related to the document to be scanned and indexed. The returned values are then referred to as meta data. Meta data can be used for dynamic folder navigation/creation, ...
ScannerVision's Desktop Client is limited in terms of the size of document. Current version is not able to handle large color jobs. This functionality will be included in next Desktop Client releases ( Starting with ScannerVision V7 )
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